27 March 2003
Tour of Patriots Point

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Thank you to Tom Sprowl * for his information on the pictures below.
Tom's help with the captions will let you to enjoy the history of
the Submarine Service a little more.

Walking down the pier to see the ships I hear a little voice say
" Daddy look! A bubble machine"
The USS Clamagore 343 and the Yorktown's fantail to the right

The USS Clamagore 343
The view from the island of the Yorktown

The USS Clamagore 343
Dockside view

Forward torpedo tube number 1 *

Forward torpedo room starboard side (bunks and skid for torpedo stowage) *

This is how you flush the toilet (only on a submarine)
Instruction for blowing sanitary tank overboard. Crew's head. *

Walking aft in the submarine
After engine room showing main induction and door to maneuvering. *

Walking aft in the submarine
Watertight door to maneuvering. *

Controls (of what, I have no idea), but Tom Sprowl does, and he said
that this is the Starboard side maneuvering. Controls for distributing
electrical power from diesel generators to systems,
main motors, (to turn the shafts) or batteries. *

After torpedo room starboard side showing bunks,
MK27 submarine launched mine, and torpedo tubes number 7 and 9. *

Aft torpedo tubes numbers 7, 8, 9, and 10 *

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